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EMR Truths

The concept of “eliminating your billing personnel and key office staff” is simply not true.

Many EMR programs advertize the inclusion of a “billing package.” Upon completion of a patient’s electronic medical record for each visit, an EMR will prompt the provider to choose the correct procedure code and diagnosis. While it is true, at the end of each day, those services can be sent electronically to the patient’s insurance carrier, having a certified coder or “biller” ensures the correctness of that billing prior to the claims going to the various carriers. Most providers do not have the time to ensure the procedures, diagnoses, and modifiers are all correctly coordinated for maximum reimbursement. With the implementation of ICD-10 diagnosing looming in the not so distance future, accuracy is a priority.

American Medical Billing LLC employs certified coders and “billers” to ensure that accuracy. In addition, many other things must also be maintained in order to insure practice profitability. When claims do not pass the editing process with one of your insurance carriers, we must find and correct the problem. Claims that are both paid and denied must be reviewed and followed-up on for correct reimbursement. Secondary claims must be billed as well as patient balances. In additional we verify all patient insurance and demographic information for accuracy. American Medical Billing LLC offers you the freedom to know that qualified personnel actively follow and work all aspects of your account receivables.

The way that American Medical Billing LLC is structured, encourages our qualified staff to be highly proficient when reviewing and submitting all encounters. We have an interrogate interest to be as efficient as possible to achieve the highest level of profitability for your practice or facility.

With that being said, an efficient, productive, and profitable practice or facility process, all begins with maintaining a well-trained office staff.

Allowing that process to continue with the qualified staff of American Medical Billing LLC affords all of us the same goal of both accuracy and profitability.


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